Lodge Eleutheran Adventurers No.1816 S.C.

Holding of the Grand Lodge of Antient,Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland.



Recently Installed Masters (Bahamas) (SC)

Lodge Maxwell 1837 S.C.                         - Brother Samuel Wellington McClain  -

January 21st, 2012


Lodge San Andreas 1835 S.C.                 - Brother Dr. Hiram Mitchell Lockhart 

February 4th, 2012


Lodge St. Ann's 1751 S.C.                          - Brother Ricardo P.E. Rolle

February 18th, 2012



                    RWM Brother Dr. Kirk Lewis
     Installed on Saturday October 11th, 2013 at The Resource Center Savanah Sound Eleuthera





Founded in 1997

The erection and consecration of Lodge Eleutheran Adventures No. 1816 S.C., came to reality on the 13th February 1997 in Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera Bahamas by the Right Worshipful District Grand Master Brother Arthur R. Chase in the presence of the Grand Master Mason of Scotland Brother The Right Honourable The Lord Burton and Grand Secretary, Brother Martin McGibbon.

Founding District Grand Master


     Immediate Past Master Brother Keith Deal



          Founding Master - I.P.D.G.M Brother L. Edgar Moxey



IPM A. Joel Recardo Lewis and the Brethren of LEA congratulates brother Keith Shaldon Deal on becoming Right Worshipful Master  of Lodge LEA 1816 2013-2014

                            CURRENT MASONIC EVENTS

These are the District Notes for the Week of 22nd April 2013:  

1. Lodge St. Anne's

Lodge St. Anne's No. 1751 held its Regular Meeting on Tuesday 16th April  2013 at the Scottish Masonic Temple.  The Lodge worked a First Degree on three candidates. 

2. Meeting of The Constitutions

A Meeting of the Constitutions (Scottish, English, Irish & Prince Hall) was held at the Scottish Masonic Temple, Stapledon Gardens on Saturday 20th April 2013.

3. Lodge St. Michael

Lodge St. Michael No. 1634 as a part of its Community Outreach Programme made its annual visitation to the All Saints Camp on Saturday 20th April 2013 where a donation of various foodstuff was made to the thankful residents.

4. Lodge Fort Nassau

Lodge Fort Nassau No. 1819 held a blood drive on Saturday 20th April 2013 at the Scottish Masonic Temple, Stapledon Gardens and wishes to thank all the Brethren who donated a total 13 points of Blood to Princess Margaret Hospital.

5. Lodge C.R. Walker

Lodge C. R. Walker No. 1808 Outreach Programme with the young men of Claudius R Walker High School will be held this Tuesday  23rd of April 2013 beginning at 1 pm.

6. District Grand Committee

The next District Grand Committee will be held this Thursday 25th April 2013 commencing at 7pm at the Scottish Masonic Temple, Stapledon Gardens.  Brethren are reminded to settle all outstanding dues before the District Committee Meeting. All Office-Bearers must be current in order to be considered for re-election

6. Lodge San Andreas 

Lodge San Andreas No. 1835 will be holding its Regular Meeting by Dispensation on Friday 25th April 2013 commencing at 7pm at the North Andros High School.  The Lodge will be working a Third Degree.

The Lodge's annual steak-out will be held the next day,  Saturday 26th April, 2013 in Andros.

7. Lodge St. Andrew 

Lodge St. Andrew No.1756 will be holding its Regular Meeting 25th April 2013 at the Masonic Temple, East Sunrise Highway, Freeport, Grand Bahama. It is The Lodge's annual Ladies' Night where Brethren are encouraged to bring their wives or significant other.  All Brethren in The District are invited.

The Lodge will also be hosting a cigar night on Saturday evening 26th April 2013.

8. Work at New Temple Site

A call is made for all Scottish Mason to make a contribution in cash and or kind. All funds should be forwarded to the DGT Brother Derek Dean DGT at 327-0425 if you wish to donate money or make a pledge. Please make your pledge today and support this effort.

9. Congratulations

10. Prayers

Please Continue to keep in your prayers those Brethren and their families who are affected by illness and other issues.

The District Website was officially launched on 21st May 2011. Please visit at http://www.districtgrandlodgebahamassc.com.
Saturday, March 10 at 7:00pm at Wyndham Cable Beach Bahamas
Upcoming Meetings and Events:

15th May 2012                         Lodge St. Anne's                                                   Regular Meeting
17th May 2012                         Lodge Eleutheran Adventurers                                 Special Meeting
18th May 2012                         Lodge Eleutheran Adventurers                                 Regular Meeting
18th May 2012                         Lodge Maxwell                                                       Regular Meeting 
22nd May 2012                        Lodge C.R. Walker                                                 Regular Meeting 
25th May 2012                         Lodge St. Andrews                                                 Regular Meeting
26th May 2012                         District Regular Communication                               Regular Meeting
                               SOCIAL OUTREACH

What Is FreeMasonry ?





Present R.W.Masters of Scottish Lodges in the Bahamas.

Lodge Eleutheran Adventurers 1816 S.C. - Brother Michael B. Johnson

Lodge St. Michael 1634 S.C.                      - Brother George Burrows

Lodge St. David 1741 S.C.                          - Brother Ryan Antonio

Lodge St. Ann's 1751 S.C.                          - Brother Ricardo P.E. Rolle

Lodge St. Andrew 1756 S.C.                       - Brother Eric Davis

Lodge C.R. Walker 1808 S.C.                    - Brother Cayle Mortimer

Lodge Ft. Nassau 1819 S.C.                       - Brother  Shanendon Cartwright

Lodge San Andreas 1835 S.C.                     - Brother Dr. Hiram Mitchell Lockhart

Lodge Maxwell 1837 S.C.                            - Brother Samuel Wellington McClain

                                   DISTRICT CALENDAR

Scottish Masonic Calendar 2011

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District Visit to Freemasons Hall




Crests of our Daughter Lodges

     Fort Nassau             Maxwell               St. David             San Andreas        St. Michaels

Masonic Lectures

Please feel free to browse The Masonic Lectures Page. It may contain lectures by Brethren such as Arthur Chase, PDGM and other Masonic letters and documents.Masonic Lectures

Masonic Lectures


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